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The Heart Behind Life House

On February 22, 2022, Life House Director, Bryan Finley, received a powerful word from God while in prayer. The prayer is written in first person, as though it is from God Himself, a devotional-style practice Bryan has used as a way to capture what he feels God is speaking to him.

"And what will I do for those who have wandered in such great darkness of lonely rejection and abandonment? Where is their voice that was supposed to be lifted up to be heard? Where is their passion that was supposed to inspire the masses? Where is their love that was supposed to lift the lonely out of isolation and into my family? I am plunging myself into their world!


As so many actively enjoy the life I have provided in abundance, there is another nation rising in alleyways, in dumpsters, in parking lots, in the woods. It is a nation that has been suffering from the ravishes of war. A war that uses addiction, poverty, rejection, sickness, shame and abuse to beat its people down. This nation is made up of every nationality. Every age and gender. It has pulled people from every social class. And I am the lord of that nation made up of what you call the homeless, addicts, veterans, orphans, widows & immigrants.


Your trash is my treasure. What you abandoned I have kept. What you have scorned is what I have adored.  What you have ignored I have embraced. What you see as irrelevant I see as critical.


A nation of meant-to-bes. I see them. I want them. I cherish them. See what I see blind ones! See what I see! I see a queen picking through the trash. I see a prince lying in a gutter. I see a CEO on that corner holding a sign. I see a loving mother now cradling a needle. I see a wise father now curled up among card boxes and newspapers.


They are MINE. They are MY NATION. And they will rise! 


So many sit and watch the news reports of what they think is truly happening. But no one is reporting what I AM DOING with my nation. No one notices. They believe the real story is in THEIR nation. What their government is doing. That is the “legitament” news of events and happenings. They have under estimated the nation that is rising right under their noses. Lurking in shadows all across the land. Hidden in public restrooms, gas stations, parking lots, abandoned cars, in the sewers. SEE WHAT I SEE. If you can. If you can bear it!

Do you want a the tiniest drop of my heart for these people? Do you want to share the tiniest fraction of a drop of my burden? It will touch and change you forever." 

Join our fight to end homelessness and make sure all displaced people have a HOME!


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