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Bryan & Nicole Finley

Bryan and Nicole Finley have been serving many individuals, couples and families throughout North Carolina for over 25 years as community and faith leaders.

Having a strong passion for empowering people to realize their fullest potential and enjoyment in life, they have recently turned their efforts to addressing the overwhelming need for affordable housing as the Pastors of Lifepoint Church, located in Hillsbourgh, NC. 

Their strategy is to develop a network of partnerships among communities and organizations related to faith, government and public service. With mutual cooperation, they believe we can move North Carolina closer to realizing its vision of providing housing for all demographics, once and for all ending homelessness in our state.

Bryan & Nicole Finley, Directors of Lifehouse

About Life House & Lifepoint Church

Life House is an extension of Lifepoint Church, located in Hillsborough NC. To learn more about Lifepoint church, please visit our website.

Although Life House specializes in sober living houses, we also offer housing for many other special needs populations. Even though we serve a diverse population, the goals and strategy of all of the houses are the same: to provide quality, safe, and affordable housing to everyone, so each person can find support, community and purpose.

The vision for Life House came out of a prayerful experience Bryan had where he felt God speak to him very clearly about this large population that so often goes unnoticed by the world. Read what God said to Bryan which provides the passion and motivation for this powerful movement! READ IT HERE.

Our Process

Our process focuses on our core belief and philosophy that the personal, physical and spiritual well-being of our clients must come first. We take an inter-disciplinary approach to our management as well as a team approach to our service offerings. We partner with numerous local and state non-profits as well as governmental entities in order to best meet the needs of our community.

Application and Screening Process

Unlike most providers that have a check-list of requirements, we prefer to take a holistic approach. Most of our clients typically originate via a shared referral source. Often times this could be a doctor, nurse, case worker, social worker or even another clients’ family. Doing so allows our qualified staff to better understand the special needs of the particular client and therefore make a decision.

Modern Living Room

Let’s Work Together

Case managers and potential residents should contact us to get more information on our housing availability and our requirements. We will also keep you informed about openings.

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